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Prestige Soccer Training

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training

     With personal and group Goalkeeper training, there are four major mainstays of goalkeeping that are covered within the Prestige Soccer Training Goalkeeper agenda. Those categorical areas include mental, technical, tactical, and physical training. Some of the techniques that will be taught in each area include, but are not limited to:

Technical Tactical Mental Training Physical Training

  • Field Player Skills Starting Positions Self Awareness Flexibility & Coordination
  • Stance and Set position Anticipation Self Confidence and Energy Prevention of Injury
  • Distribution of the ball Passing back and Resetting Staying Centered Strength, Speed & Agility
  • Diving saves Initializing Attacks Maturity and Poise Development of Power
  • Catching and Handling the ball Establishing Tempo Training Ethics Proper Nutrition
  • Goal Kicks Reading the Attack Leadership Warm Up and Cool Down Techniques

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