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Strength and Speed & Agility Training

Strength and Speed & Agility Training


       Strength training along with Speed & Agility training is designed to improve a player's overall athleticism with a focus on the physical characteristics soccer's demands.  A variety of core, speed, strength, and agility training equipment will be utilized to develop the key components of soccer conditioning. The areas of emphasis include but are not limited to endurance, timing, strength, foot speed, reaction, and acceleration.

     Soccer players must have extraordinary speed and quickness levels that demand to be consistently nurtured. There are various ways to assess an athlete's speed. There is also a difference between quick and fast. The best athletes have a combination of both quick and fast characteristics, and both elements must be trained. Lateral speed and agility work lays the foundation for athletes in many sports. Agility training is used to improve acceleration, cutting, foot speed, quickness, starting and stopping, switching gears, reaction, and change of direction. But it is important to know that agility training assists in preventing injuries by improving body control through proper movement mechanics.

     Soccer skills and related movements are combined with challenging equipment to train the player to carry out these motions with better form, speed, and strength, and for longer periods of time. Some equipment might include agility rings, resistance bands, speed ladders, parachutes, plyo-metric boxes, balance boards, and medicine balls. Having better coordination and control of your body will be beneficial to participation in other sports & activities as well as soccer. Soccer coaches need to focus on skill development with the ball and team tactics. Speed & Agility and Strength training is a type of specialized instruction for the player looking to improve his or her physical capacities. Our Strength and Speed & Agility regimens are designed to help you move more efficiently, and with greater confidence on and off of the field. Contact us today for your specialized training!